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If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a quick rundown of the different types of ammunition, the brands that sell them (both foreign and domestic), and their various variations.

Handgun Ammo For Sale

A handgun, as its name implies, is compact and light, making it easy to hide and carry. Despite the fact that shooting a handgun is more difficult than shooting a rifle or shotgun, some of the world’s most popular calibers are designed for handguns. 45 auto ACP ammo for sale. The 9mm Luger for sale. The 357 Magnum for sale. The 40 Smith & Wesson for sale. These cartridges are not just an iconic piece of ammo history, but they also influenced the development and evolution of modern handgun ammunition.

These legendary calibers have a variety of uses. From military and law enforcement use to home protection and concealed carry.

Rifle Ammo For Sale

The rifle’s unrivaled adaptability is most likely the reason it has survived for centuries. It’s popular for hunting, self-defense, and target shooting because of its power, precision, and stamina — but the broad range of rifles and ammo can be daunting.

Hunting with a rifle gives you the option to choose ammo for a specific game. Small or large, varmint or predators, short-range or long-range – the rifle ammunition in our inventory is so particular, it can mean the difference between hunting a male cheater and a jagua. And while a rifle’s length can make it difficult to conceal, its accuracy makes it a popular choice for home defense, with the AR-15 among the most trusted in the U.S. Some of it’s varieties are 223 ammo for sale, 30-30 ammo for sale, 50 BNG ammo for sale, 300 blackout ammo for sale.

Rimfire Ammo For Sale

Because the rimfire primer is at the base as opposed to the center, it has less power than its centerfire counterpart. Rimfire ammunition is most commonly used for plinking, target shooting, and varmint hunting. Among rimfire ammo is one of the most widely used cartridges in the world which is the .22 Long Rifle for sale. This iconic ammo is used by many novice shooters as a learning tool. They use it for plinking and small-game hunting.

Rimfire ammunition is enjoyable to shoot and is frequently among the most affordable ammunition available online. If you’re searching for training ammo that doesn’t require the power of a centerfire cartridge, this is a great option. Rimfire also has 22 WMR ammo for sale.

Shotgun Ammo For Sale

Arguably the most specialized type of ammo on the market today is shotgun ammunition which can be loaded for uses as specific as antelope, squirrel, and a variety of game birds and reptiles. Shot sizes ranging from 000 (triple aught) to 12 shots and with varieties in the lead, steel, and buckshot. The choices are seemingly endless, and they provide several reasons why you should own a shotgun. From sport shooting and hunting to home and personal defense, this firearm is as versatile as the number of shotgun shells in the ammo market.

Less lethal ammo is also available for shotguns, including rubber bullets, which are often used by law enforcement for crowd control or to stop a criminal from escaping.

Some shotguns shells include 12 Gauge shotgun shell for sale, 20 Gauge shotgun shell for sale, and 410 shotgun shell for sale.

Ammo Brands For Sale

Most people think of the weapons themselves when they think of the history and origins of firearms. However, a gun is useless without ammunition, which has a long and illustrious history in the United States, dating back to the Founding Fathers’ usage of armories. Eliphalet Remington, who started what is now the oldest guns company in the United States in 1816, is credited with the invention of commercial munitions as we know them today. Remington paved the way for ammo brands across the country like Hornady and Winchester, as well as international brands like Italy’s Fiocchi, Russia’s Wolf, and South Korea’s PMC.

These and other brands are available. Explore our inventory and learn about the rich history of these storied ammunition companies. We have the luxury of backpack boyz.

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