Ammo Inc. Builds a New Factory To Feed America’s Insatiable Ammo Demand

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Ammo maker Ammo Inc plans to construct a new factory to address the persistent ammunition scarcity caused by extraordinary firearms demand..

While a new facility is welcome news for gun owners, it may not be up and running quickly enough to address this year’s issue of high demand vs limited supply in the ammo market.

Arizona-based Ammo Inc broke ground on a 160,000 square foot factory on June 21 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin meanwhile a new plant from an upstart U.S. manufacturer is a ray of hope for gun enthusiasts. They have been scouring gun stores for ammunition and finding bare shelves, especially for popular calibers like .22 for target shooting, 9mm for pistols and .223 for AR-15s.

Ammo Inc. Chief Executive Officer by name Fred Wagenhals made a joke at the groundbreaking that he was the only one of his co-founders who “knew what a gun was,” according to a local news broadcast, which said the company plans to finish the project in 2022, bringing about 300 jobs to the town.

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